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Black on Pink

My head pounding made it even more obvious. At least I didn’t have to work. A day for sleeping before I drag myself to the office.

Then it hit me I wasn’t laying in bed alone. The warm breath on my neck and the placement of a hand on my arse. I was defiantly naked. I moved and the hand moved with me. I swallowed I needed water. I moved gently so that a) the pounding didn’t get worse and b) not to wake who ever was in my bed asleep. My bedroom was strewn with clothes, shoes, sheets and pillow.

Apparently rough frantic love was made. 

I staggered through to what should be my kitchen. I could barely make out the sink under all the empty bottles… apparently it was drunken rough love last night. As I was making tea I wondered what happened last night. All I could remember was having a few friends over, DVDs and alcohol. I couldn’t remember sex. Normally I remember everything and regret every minute of how I show myself up. 

As I trudged back to bed to wake up the stranger with my hand on their cock… I noticed a bra on the door handle that I didn’t recognise. Defiantly not mine. It was black see through lace which was smaller than any of mine even my kinky underwear. I looked towards my bed and then I realised.. A red headed girl was in my bed right next to where I had been sleeping. It was her breath on my neck and her hand on my arse. 

I heard a noise. It came from my bathroom. My head was reeling who was in my house now? Tom had a key but he would have shouted at me until I was up. It wasn’t him anyway he was away with his new bird… unless the girl in my bed was his bird.. 

Oh god…

Suddenly a phone went off… I recognised the tune… It only had to be mine… I made my way to my phone by the bed.. Pete it said.. Awesome… I thought to myself he might know what the hell happened last night. I answered it.

‘Bloody hell how do you turn off your shower?’ 
‘Eh? Its you in my shower? What are you doing…’
‘Err having a shower and you cant remember last night… in bed?’ 
‘No… Should I?
‘Tell me how to turn off your shower and I’ll show you.. Is Lucy still asleep?’

That’s who had been breathing on me … I had sorter recognised her but I’d always known her to have blonde hair not red.
I got up off the end of the bed and wondered into the bathroom.. I dunno what I expected but there was Pete naked in my shower trying to turn it off… I hit the switch on the side of the wall and It was off in an instant. 

‘How the hell did u do that?’
‘Simple hit the switch on the wall that turns the power off’
‘So did I make a fool of myself’ 
‘Nope.. Instead you fucked Lucy while I fucked both of you!’
‘I’ll tell you the rest if you suck my cock… I want one of your mind blowing sessions like last night… you might remember something this way’

I was hoping I might but there I was on my knees naked with a pounding hangover sucking on Pete’s cock while Lucy slept, in my bathroom.

Soon he was shaking and moaning. I stopped and left the room, Pete probably thinking what the hell… I crawled back up the bed with my arse shaking in the air. He was close behind, his fingers burying into my pussy while I snaked a hand down Lucy’s body… I wasn’t going to let her forget what I’d forgotten. I was obviously naughty last night. I found all my toys scatted by her clit and grabbed one, turned it on and shoved it in her pussy. 

That made her gasp. 

Lucy buckled against the toy while I was being finger fucked…

‘Morning girls… fancy some more fun.. Lexi cant remember so I was going to treat her Lucy…Can you remember?’ 

The girl looked in shock. I could tell she could remember. Damn it why couldn’t I?

Lucy licked her lips ‘I recon I remember but I wanna lick this juicy girl out again… fuck her arse Pete… I want her to beg for it to be pushed into her pussy!’

I knew this would be dirty but I never realised how much… I’ve never hidden the fact that was bi with Pete.. But this. Oh god.. 

Lucy quickly moved under my body and then a hand, it could have only been Pete’s pushed my head down and I knew that the only way to have some sort of control was to lick, suck and flick Lucy’s clit and pussy till she screamed… She removed the toy and pulled her lips open with one had as she smacked my clit with the other… That had me… I bite hard onto her clit and shoved my hand in her pussy.

‘mmm keep that going slut make me cum Lexi… Pete screw her hard or I’ll stick a toy in your arse’
‘Lucy you cheeky bird…make her arse wet then’

The next few minutes were a blur… my pussy was fingered and then I felt it.. Pete’s cock slowly nudged at my arse.. SMACK… my arse burnt but I knew it was going to happen again… SMACK… ooouchh I thought to myself then they smacked me again on both cheeks and Pete pushed hard.. He was in… 

A muffled fuck me left my mouth.

The only way to keep my head from not going into over drive was the fact that I had my fingers inside Lucy and she was now begging for someone, me, to make her come. That was all the encouragement I needed. I licked her slit as I pulled my hand out and grabbed a toy with the other. Turned it on and watched it as I slid it into her pussy.. Then I grabbed my anal beads… sucked on them and slowly nudged them into her arse.. Now she was moaning… I was going to give it to her hard… I shoved them in. I knew the feeling of burning… but I knew she was close… I twisted them a little before I rubbed her clit hard.. 
That did it.

‘FUCKING HELL LEXI… Pete she’s fucking giving it to me everywhere… Pete give me your cock… I wanna come with every hole filled’

Pete pulled out hard grabbed her face and fucked her mouth.. I reached over grabbed my double ended dildo pulled the vibrator from her pussy with some disagreement from Lucy shoved the dildo in and then pushed my soaking pussy onto the other end and fucked her.. Pete didn’t last long with the sight and I was soon coming with the thought of Lucy coming..

Soon we were in my shower again washing each others bodies. Soon after Lucy went home when she realised that she had a shift that night at the pub. Pete and I started to clean up the flat. God it must have been a good night. I walked into my lounge to find Tara snoring her head off. I wondered how on earth she could sleep through the racket that just happened down the corridor only moments ago. But then again Tara was also naked. I looked round the room. I didn’t see him at first but there he was semi naked behind the sofa by my curtains. 

Obviously a good night for everyone.

‘Shit’ called from the front door
‘Pete what’s wrong?’
‘Did you know that Zoë’s is laying upside down on your stairs outside?’

Its weird because for a split second I thought I was missing someone. But Zoë was always known for sleeping in really random places.

‘Did you know Tara and a strange bloke are pretty much naked on the floor in here?’
‘I think everyone had a good time when we started being naughty last night but Zoë’s naked’

Now this really didn’t surprise me Zoë was the kinda girl that would rather be stark naked in the middle of town at 3am then in heels and a dress. When ever we went clubbing it was a nightmare.. 

My mother was coming the next day and if she came round with the place like this she was going to have a fit. Pete reached for my mobile before it even went off. He had a knack for it.

‘Thank fucking god… I hope your on the pill young lady .. Last night sounded fun.. Me and your father were not impressed by the calls and messages that were left on our answer phone’
‘Hi Mum..’
‘Don’t you dare say your sorry but thanks for the sex pick up- your father wont stop asking if I want another fuck!’

The phone clicked. I heard the dial tone. Dad obviously wanted her. 

After I had ewed out in my room while clearing the toys away making sure I cleaned them carefully. I walked back into the living room to find Tara and the mystery guy gone and Pete brandishing the hover at my rugs. 

‘Pete! Tea or coffee?’ I shouted
‘Neither! You’

I didn’t understand why we were shouting because as soon as I walked into the room Pete had turned it off and was now rearranging the cushions.

‘I have a confession’ Pete suddenly whispered
‘what huni? You need my mouth again?’
‘No… well yes but I kinda hid something in your room’

This really made me start to think. My black and pink bedroom which I had just tided and pulled my boring cotton sheets off to replace them with satin had had something hidden in. 

Pete moved quickly and before I had walked into my room he had a small camera in his hand. 
Then I knew. He had filmed it. 

‘I filmed last night if you want to see?’
‘Pete does Lucy know?’
‘Yeah it was her idea to put it there she texted me when u were in here tidying up that she had forgotten it’

SHE had filmed it. 

I wanted that camera only so I could see what had happened but I knew I was angry. I could tell Pete knew that I was angry… He grabbed me pushed me on the bed.. And ripped my jeans off… he was quick he undid his belt and in one move his dark jeans and boxers were round his ankles… his throbbing member making its way towards my sex. He thrust into my dripping pussy and then it started… the hardest pounding I have ever experienced. I felt everything from his cock hitting my g spot to him hitting the top. He came within minutes huffing and puffing. 

I must have fallen asleep or past out because when I woke it was dark out side. I felt something stuck to my forehead. A post it note. 

Thanks gorgeous see you at work xxx

It was in Pete’s handwriting. My pussy ached. After stretching my muscles I got up poured a glass of wine and went and snuggled up on the sofa and turned the TV on. The credits of eastenders was on. I flicked through the channels. 
Then I saw it. A DVD on the coffee table. I thought it was out because of last night. 

‘Lexi Love Session’ was written on it. 

Now I was intrigued. I put into the DVD player and let it run…..